It’s time for Sam to step away from Jason and Drew so she can decide who she really wants to be with. Unfortunately for the two men, they are left waiting around for her to give them an answer that will change their lives. On the Thursday, March 29 episode of “General Hospital,” Jason will turn his focus back to finding Henrik but the new shift may take over his attention completely.

In the promo for the upcoming episode of the ABC soap, Jason (Steve Burton) asks Anna (Finola Hughes) if she was able to turn up anything during her search for Henrik. However, it doesn’t seem like she will be willing to share any of the new information she has discovered.

“GH” spoilers reveal Jason and Anna are at odds. Although Jason and Anna are working together to find Henrik, they have different reasons for wanting to track him down. Jason needs to find Henrik to learn more about why Drew (Billy Miller) was chosen to receive his memories.

Meanwhile, Anna is still hiding the fact that she believes Henrik is the son she had with Faison (Anders Hove) and gave up. After Faison’s death, she learned that he had Huntington’s disease and could have passed it onto the son they shared.

While Jason was busy trying to figure things out with Sam (Kelly Monaco), who confessed her love for him even though she is still married to Drew, Anna was traveling the world trying to learn more about Henrik so she could inform him about his potential illness.

Although she did discover some new information that could be beneficial to her and Jason, it looks like she may choose to keep Jason in the dark. The only reason Jason and Anna are working together is because of Henrik, so if the two are at odds, it has to be about Faison’s mysterious son.

Jason typically works alone so if Anna is no longer willing to help him, he may make his mission to find Henrik a solo one. If Jason pursues Henrik on his own, it will leave him little time to check in on Sam, who is in the process of deciding whether she wants to spend her life with him or Drew.

However, Jason is determined to find out why he was ripped away from his life in Port Charles, which means Sam’s feelings may have to take a back seat as he searches for the answers that will finally put his mind at peace.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.