Jason has kept his word and followed through with his divorce from Sam, but on the Friday, Jan. 12, episode of “General Hospital,” a promise he made in the past may cost him the love of his life and his son.

Amid trying to follow up leads on Faison (Anders Hove) and discover the truth about why Drew (Billy Miller) received his memories, Jason (Steve Burton) has been doing his best to nurse his broken heart while going through an emotional divorce with Sam (Kelly Monaco).

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Jason is seen speaking to someone, most likely Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), about another lead. Spoilers reveal that they are one step closer to locating Faison and discovering the traitor.

In the preview for the ABC soap opera, Sam is later seen firing someone and chances are, she is giving the boot to her new employee at Aurora, Peter (Wes Ramsey). The staff member has ruffled some feathers due to his tendency to assert his authority and difficulty embracing the company budget.

Has Sam finally had enough of Peter or are the pressures of divorce finally getting to her and causing her to take her anger out on someone?

In the previous episode, Jason pretty much gave Sam everything she could ever want in the divorce. Not only did he allow her to keep Aurora and his ELQ stocks, but he signed the papers before they could finish the negotiations, telling Sam it was never about the money and he just wanted her to be happy.

Upcoming “GH” spoilers reveal that Jason will keep his promise and seeing as he has gone above and beyond to keep Sam happy, his promise could cost him the son they share together, Danny (T.K. Weaver).

After Jason signed the divorce papers, Sam was ready to make things official, but Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) stopped her daughter from signing the papers until they came to a custody agreement about Danny.

One of Sam’s main reasons for staying with Drew is because he can give her a life away from the mob and that’s something Jason can never do. However, seeing as she no longer wants that dangerous lifestyle, will she keep Danny away from it as well?

Since learning that Jason is his real father Danny has embraced his biological dad and welcomed the idea of getting to know him. But will Jason have to give up custody in order to keep Sam happy and his son safe?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on ABC.