Maxie has been emotionally struggling to move on after Nathan was killed by Faison, but just as she finally finds a distraction to take her mind off of raising their unborn baby alone, some new information may push into the arms of the man who played a role in her husband’s death. On the Tuesday, Feb. 27 episode of “General Hospital,” Maxie questions Peter about his past as Anna learns some shocking details that will affect them all.

In the promo, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) asks Peter (Wes Ramsey) about his past and the horrible things he went through. Although a majority of Port Charles is unaware of Peter’s true identity, the audience knows he’s actually Faison’s (Anders Hove) son, Henrik.

In previous episodes, Peter has alluded to a difficult childhood, and he grew up with a father who never showed him affection. However, he has continuously left out the fact that the father he was referring to was Faison.

While Peter has openly shared a few details about his life, it appears his past may be coming back to haunt him. In the promo, Felicia (Kristina Wagner) is seen asking Anna (Finola Hughes) what Maxie needs to know. “GH” spoilers reveal Anna has news for Felicia.

Anna learned Faison had Huntington’s disease, and she is worried it may affect Maxie and Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) baby, as well as the child Anna shares with Faison.

Huntington’s disease is an inherited condition which causes nerve cells in the brain to break down over time, according to the Mayo Clinic.

When Nathan and Maxie first learned Nathan was Faison’s son, the two worried the criminal’s genes would have a negative effect on the baby, and it looks like their nightmare may become a reality.

Since Maxie is still in mourning, Anna brings the news to Felicia rather than delivering it to an already fragile Maxie.

Anna also feels she needs to find the child she and Faison had together, but she may be searching down the wrong path. Even though Anna was confident she gave birth and gave away a son, which was assumed to be Peter, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) convinced her she gave birth to a little girl.

When Maxie eventually finds out the truth about Faison’s genetic disorder, she will most likely share the news with Peter. Since Nathan’s death, Maxie feels Peter is one of the few people she can actually have a conversation with.

Although it is unclear whether Peter knew about his father’s condition, the news could push him and Maxie closer together. Following Nathan’s funeral, Peter realized he had a connection with Maxie, and this news may be what he needs to get the widow to recognize her feelings.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.