After Sam confessed she still loves Jason despite marrying Drew, she is finally ready to head out of town for some time alone to decide who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Although she has already told Jason she will be leaving town, Sam will say goodbye to Drew on the Monday, April 2 episode of “General Hospital.”

Once she accepted the fact that she was in love with two men, Sam (Kelly Monaco) decided it was best to take her kids out of town in order to learn how to trust herself again. She believes that will give her the confidence to decide which man she wants to by her side in the future.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Sam tells Drew (Billy Miller) that she has come to say goodbye. Jason (Steve Burton) accepted Sam’s choice to leave, insisting he only wanted her to be happy, but Drew was instantly heartbroken when Sam first revealed she still loved Jason.

Drew stormed out of their home and has been nursing his broken heart. Even though he told Jason his marriage with Sam is over, the former Navy SEAL may change his pessimistic attitude when Sam announces she plans to take off.

Despite his cold behavior following Sam’s confession, Drew still loves her, and may try to convince her to stay in Port Charles instead of leaving town to make her decision.

However, upcoming spoilers suggest Sam will leave town, and Drew and Jason will turn their focus to another woman, Liz (Rebecca Herbst). In the promo for the upcoming week, Jim (Greg Evigan) holds a gun to Liz’s back and tells her to do what he says or he will hurt her and her son.

Although Liz doesn’t have the best relationship with Drew and Jason, she is still Jake’s (Hudson West) mother, and neither brother wishes harm to come to her.

After Drew and Franco (Roger Howarth) tried to get answers about their childhoods from Jim, he tried to kill them by sealing the men in the basement of one of his buildings.

Even though Drew and Franco managed to escape, Jim is now a wanted man who is looking for revenge against the two who put his business at risk and tried to dig into his past.

Jim is most likely threatening Liz to get back at Drew and Franco because they both care about her. However, Jason is Jake’s real father and will take things personally if his son’s mother is put in danger.

Upcoming spoilers reveal Jason will worry about Liz, and Drew will be shaken. Sam may leave PC, but the men in her life will have plenty of things to keep them busy in her absence.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.