Continuing a life with Drew has not been easy for Sam following Jason’s return to Port Charles and the discovery of his true identity. Since Jason resurfaced, what should have been special moments in Sam and Drew’s life have been interrupted because of  either Jason himself or someone plotting to reunite him with Sam. On the Wednesday, Feb. 28 episode of “General Hospital,” Sam and Drew will attempt to celebrate a new special moment.

The time has come for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Drew (Billy Miller) to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday on the ABC soap. While the couple is excited to commemorate this occasion, there is no guarantee that it will go off without a hitch.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Sam, Drew, and their loved ones are seen singing happy birthday to Scout (Palmer and Poe Parker). “GH” spoilers reveal Sam and Drew will celebrate Scout.

Giving birth to Scout wasn’t an easy task for Sam. While she was pregnant, Sam was pushed off of a bridge but managed to survive the fall. However, she went into labor.

Drew, who believed he was Jason (Steve Burton) at the time, eventually found Sam, but her contractions were too close together, and he was forced to deliver the little girl at the bottom of a snowy bridge.

Once Scout was born, Drew realized she wasn’t breathing and gave her CPR to get her breathing again. The trio eventually made it to the hospital, but between Scout being separated from her parents due to her low body temperature, and Sam undergoing surgery from internal bleeding, it took some time before the three were reunited.

A year later, all Sam and Drew want to do is celebrate their little girl, but enjoying significant days in peace tends to be difficult for the couple.

On New Year’s Eve, Sam spent the night with Jason after Carly (Laura Wright) trapped them on the Haunted Star and tinkered with Drew’s car so he and Sam couldn’t be together.

Later on, when the two attempted to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together as a legally married couple, Jason asked Sam to come over because Danny (T.K. Weaver) wasn’t feeling well, ruining the couple’s special night.

Will Sam and Drew get the chance to celebrate Scout’s birthday in peace or will another momentous occasion be ruined once again?

“General Hospital” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EST on ABC.

General Hospital Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Drew (Billy Miller) celebrate a special day on “General Hospital.”