• The third act features several tasks that players need to do
  • Completing the second challenge of the third act rewards players with Warming Essence
  • The game is in development for Nintendo Switch and PS5

The Dragonspine update in “Genshin Impact” introduced the Chalk Prince and the Dragon event. The third act of the event involves taking up the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge.

For players looking for ways on how to unlock this new challenge, this guide could help them out.

How To Unlock The Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge

The Draconic Pilgrimage challenge is a part of Act III of the current event in “Genshin Impact.” However, players must first complete the quest 'Raiders Amidst Snow Mist' to unlock the set of challenges for the said phase. An indicator will show up on the map pointing players in the direction of Cyrus and Albedo.

Players have to talk to them and visit them near the Adventurer Camp, in the northern part of the Dragonspine region. After the dialogue, players will learn about the brief mission that contains several tasks. This includes whipping up some hilichurls, trailing the hilichurls’ footprints, completing a gliding challenge in 90 seconds, and engaging in another battle with hilichurls.

Collected Miscellany - "Albedo: Kreideprinz" | Genshin Impact
"Soil and chalk, the universe and earth, pure dust and the birth of human life... There is no mistaking it." Genshin Impact Official YouTube Channel

Upon completing the first task, players receive the second tier essence called Warm Essence. A new icon will then show on the player’s map and heading in the pointed direction will lead players to the Draconic Pilgrimage area.

How To Complete The Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge

When the challenge starts, a Warming Seelie will surface and begin to move forward. It will follow the Dragon Force within the Ley Lines. Players must follow this Seelie and take out any enemies that may appear.

These enemies are buffed because of the Dragon Force. Thankfully, the Warming Seelie would drop some Scarlet Quartz on odd occasions. Players can pick it up and use it to buff themselves to deal extra damage to foes.

Players complete the Draconian Pilgrimage Challenge when the Warming Seelie reaches its destination. As a reward, players will receive the Warm Essence. As soon as the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge is finished, the third and final ability of the Festering Desire Sword would activate.

“Genshin Impact” is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android devices. The game is in development for Nintendo Switch and PS5.