The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the state's six-week abortion ban must remain in effect as they hear an appeal.

Just one week after a Fulton County judge ruled the abortion ban unconstitutional, Georgia's Supreme Court issued a one-page ruling that places the lower court ruling on hold.

"The State of Georgia's Emergency Petition for Supersedeas seeking a stay of the order of the Superior Court of Fulton County in the above-styled action is hereby granted," the order reads.

The Georgia law was originally passed in 2019 but did not take effect due to the existence of Roe v. Wade. The so-called "heartbeat bill" bans abortions once embryonic cardiac activity is detected, typically around six weeks.

Following an appeal from the state attorney general, the law will now go into effect, beginning immediately.

Most abortions are now banned in 13 states in the U.S., with bans in 10 other states on hold pending legal challenges.

The move comes as Georgia will have a runoff election on Dec. 6 between Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker.

Walker opposes abortion and has been embroiled in scandals involving women who have accused him of encouraging them to get an abortion.