A Georgia teenager who has autism is fighting for his life after he was allegedly hazed by four minors.

The victim was forced to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol and consume hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to the New York Post.

The incident took place on March 21. Three juveniles dropped off the victim, identified as Trent Lehrkamp, at Southeast Georgia Health Center. Staff members at the health care facility called deputies to inform them about an alleged hazing incident.

The juveniles registered their names with the emergency room but left before the police arrived, Macon Telegraph reported, citing a law enforcement statement dated March 26.

The hospital staff reportedly told cops the teen had high amounts of alcohol in his system. A controlled substance was also found in his blood. He did not show any signs of physical injury, but he was spray-painted.

A Facebook page called Glynn County Citizens of Patrol posted a photo, apparently of Lehrkamp, who could be seen sitting on a chair with his head tilted to one side and whose clothes were visibly stained by a reddish substance as four boys posed behind him.

"The Glynn Academy students on St Simons Island are about to make national news," the caption read. "These fine young men bound an unconscious and unresponsive boy to a chair, spray-painted him from head to toe, pissed on him, took a s--- in his lap and the list goes on and on. Then dropped him off at the ER. Now he's on a ventilator fighting for his life. This has all since been removed from SnapChat. Is this what our community has become?"

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the St. Simons Island residence where the incident allegedly took place and interviewed several minors "involved with the incident," according to the Macon Telegraph.

Detectives were reportedly able to interview the victim on March 26.

In a March 27 Facebook post, Glynn County Schools wrote that there were several former and current Glynn County Schools students involved in the incident. The district also disclosed that it was cooperating with the police.

A GoFundMe page titled "Justice for Trent" was created to support the victim's family and help with his medical bills.

"Trent spent Tuesday night with a group of people who he thought were his friends. They picked him up from his house, and he expected to have a casual night with his friends. Trent wouldn't know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours," the page read.

Scores of people held a vigil outside the hospital where Lehrkamp was being treated Monday in a show of solidarity, according to News4JAX.

Anyone with information related to the incident is urged to contact the Glynn County Police Department via the Silent Witness program at 912-264-1333 or 911silentwitness@glynncounty-ga.gov.

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