Gerard Butler has some amazing bedroom skills, at least that is what The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanvilel said. While filming Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, Glanville, no stranger to controversy, claimed she slept with Butler last year and gives him and 11 out of 10 in bed.

Glanville, 29, was on television with fellow housewife Lisa Vanderpump.  Host Andy Cohen questioned the two women about their lives. Glanville was asked to play a game called Plead the Fifth, a reference to Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows an individual the right to not say anything that would incriminate himself or herself in court.

The blonde reality TV star was asked who was the most famous person she hooked up with. She responded, Gerard Butler and said the two had a little week of fun.

When asked to rate the Butler, a Scottish stud, out of 10, Glanville gave said, 11.

According to the Daily Mail, it was rumored last year that Butler and Glanville did hook up. However, neither of the two confirmed or denied those rumors then.

Butler is not only a sought after actor, he is also one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors. The hunk has been linked in the past to beauties such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and model Sarah Carroll.

I would love to settle down and share my life with someone, Butler has told the media. But it'll happen when it's going to happen.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, Butler has said that when he tries and plans things in his life they rarely pan out.

And it's often when I think, 'OK, you know what, I don't want to be in a relationship right now for whatever reason,' that suddenly I find myself open to one and it happens, Butler said.

Watch the video of Brandi talking about Butler's sexual prowess here.