Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia, the great-great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Princess Sophie of Isenburg tied the knot on Saturday in a church in Potsdam, outside Berlin.

It was all perfectly royal. The couple travelled in a horse-drawn carriage after the ceremony towards Sanssouci Palace, where a dinner and ball were scheduled, reported the Associated Press.

The not much known otherwise royal couple ha d streets full of people awaiting their passage outside the church. Both of them work as consultants in Berlin.

The bride is 33-year-old her wedding dress was a Wolfgang Joop designer, the report stated.

German royal descendants carry their family names, although it does not mean anything. Legally their last names are acknowledged as a part of their names.

Two Royal weddings were broadcast live on German TV, which is unusual, in London and Monaco and attracted a lot of viewers.

Check out the pictures below to see how the wedding took place in Style.