A 21-foot (6.4 meter) long crocodile was captured by staff of the Protected Areas and Wildlife Division (PAWD) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Philippines.

After 3 weeks of hunting, the giant crocodile was finally caught by 30 men, who used a heavy metal cable. The crocodile was caught on Saturday. Villagers caught the giant crocodile in Magsangsang creek in Bunawan town, Agusan del Sur.

The team was lead by Mayor Edwin Elorde.

The crocodile weighed 1,075 kilogram (2,370 pound) and is suspected to have eaten a farmer last July and killing a 12 years-old girl in 2009.

The PAWD had instructed the team not to hurt the crocodile.

The local government will set up a nature park and use the crocodaile as the main attraction for eco-tourism where tourists could visit the giant animal. It will be the biggest star of the park, Elorde said.

Meanwhile, the residents have been blocked from going near the animal.

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