27-Pound Lobster
27-Pound Lobster Maine State Aquarium

A giant lobster weighing 21 pounds has been caught off the coast of Cape Cod Massachusetts and now it's on display at a local seafood restaurant.

I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arm and as big as my torso. It's giant, the restaurant's manager, Elise Costa, told CBS Boston.

The 35-inch long lobster has claws approximately one foot long, according to Costa. Usually, for every four and a half pounds of live lobster, once you cook it and clean it, you get one pound of meat. So 21 divided by four and a half, that would give you about five pounds of meat, she added.

Locals have been flocking to Costa's restaurant to get a glimpse of the giant lobster; it's not the largest that has been caught in the state.

In February, a 27-pound -lobster nicknamed rocky, was caught off the coast of Maine. The giant lobster was about the size of the 3-year-old human child, according to Reuters. After being brought to Maine State Aquarium, it was released back into the Atlantic Ocean due to state restrictions about keeping lobsters that measure more than 5-inches.

Costa says catching giant lobsters is becoming something of a rarity and explained that this particular area in New England is one of few left that allows fisherman to keep larger lobsters. They have changed the regulations and put what's called a max gauge on some of these larger lobsters, and to the best of my knowledge, it's one of the only areas in New England that doesn't have a max gauge yet, she told CBS.

After displaying the lobster in her restaurant for a few days, Costa plans to sell it or put it up as a raffle price for charity.