Giant Yellow Rubber Duck Deflates In Hong Kong
The 54-foot rubber duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman deflated in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour earlier this week. New York Daily News

The 54-foot inflatable rubber duck that caught the public’s and Internet’s attention earlier this month is noticeably missing from its temporary home in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour this week.

Rumors became rampant that foul play was involved after the duck, installed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, was noticeably no longer erect, resting completely deflated in the harbour as of Wednesday, the New York Daily News reports.

Harbour city officials commented on Twitter that no unauthorized activity was involved in the duck’s deflation, confirming the duck is merely under construction due to damages caused by wind and the strong waves.

“We came to see the duck, but we’re very disappointed that it’s deflated,” said two female unidentified bystanders who said they first saw the famous rubber duck in Sydney. “We came to see that the duck was OK in Hong Kong, but the duck’s died, so we’re not sure why.”

The duck first made its appearance in four other cities -- Osaka, Sydney, San Paolo and Amsterdam -- before making its way to Hong Kong in May. The rubber addition to Victoria Harbour will remain in its current home until June 9 before traveling to unknown locations in the United States, CNN reports.

“Hong Kong has been changed forever,” said Hofman, 36, who said he created the rubber duck art piece in 2001 in an effort to remind others of their adolescent years.

“I see it as an adult thing. It makes you feel young again. It refers to your childhood when there was no stress or economic pressure, no worry about having to pay rent,” he said.