Several, original cast members from “Gilmore Girls” have signed on to star in the anticipated Netflix reboot. However, there’s one actor who will be notably missing from the forthcoming revival: Edward Herrmann.

Herrmann, who portrayed the beloved role of the Richard Gilmore on the long-running series, died at the age of 71 in December 2014. The Tony Award-winner’s death was caused by brain cancer, according to E! News. In an interview with TVLine, Kelly Bishop, who portrayed Emily Gilmore — Richard’s wife — explained how hard it will be to act without the Gilmore patriarch by her side.

“It’s going to be very difficult,” Bishop began. “We so miss him. We’ve missed him since we found out he had died. It’s going to be very hard doing it without him, because he and I were buds on the show.”

Bishop explained that the two of them, both New York natives, “connected very well” on and off the set. “We always did our crossword puzzles together in the hair-and-makeup room. That was one of our little routines,” she reminisced.

So how will Emily cope with becoming a widow? Well, according to Bishop, her character will be “a little manic” following the death of her Richard.

“Because of the fact that Emily lost her husband, she’s kind of a raw nerve. In a desperate attempt to push through [her grief], she blows between right on the edge of losing it to almost being a little manic,” she revealed.

The cast first addressed Herrmann’s death during the 2015 ATX TV Festival, which is where the “Gilmore Girls” cast gathered for their 15-year reunion.

In the anticipated panel, the cast and crew honored the late, great actor, who, according to Sherman-Palladino was the first cast member to RSVP for the reunion, through a tear-jerking tribute video. The homage showed off Herrmann’s finest moments throughout the series from his first golf outing with Rory (Alexis Bledel) to his love for Yale football.

“It’s really crappy that he’s gone and we miss him so much,” the “Gilmore Girls” creator spoke of Herrmann’s death. “I think I speak for all of us in saying we were so surprised … I’m so grateful I got to hear him say my words … He was a drinking, loving, knew everything in the world… he was our Mr. President.”

Sherman-Palladino continued to say that when the role for Richard was created, she knew immediately that she wanted Herrmann for the part. “We always wanted Edward from the very beginning,” she said. “He was [Richard Gilmore].”

Although Herrmann won’t be apart of the Netflix series, Bishop promised that Richard’s presence will be certainly felt in the “Gilmore Girls” reboot.