“Gilmore Girls” Netflix Reboot Spoilers
Could “Gilmore Girls” stars Lauren Graham (as Lorelai, left) and Scott Patterson (as Luke) earn an Emmy award for their roles in the upcoming Netflix series? Patterson is sure hoping so! Netflix

That’s a wrap! After four months of filming, the cast of “Gilmore Girls” has wrapped up production for the highly anticipated Netflix reboot of the beloved TV series.

Scott Patterson, who will reprise his role as Luke in the Netflix revival, marked the final day on set with a celebratory photo of himself and co-star Lauren Graham. Graham will be playing the quick-tongued protagonist Lorelai, as she did in the original program, which first hit the small screen in 2000 on The WB (it has since changed its name to The CW).

Patterson and Graham, who played star-crossed lovers for seven seasons, were all smiles as they snapped a sweet selfie commemorating their final day on set on Thursday. TVLine, however, reported that production ended earlier this week in Los Angeles.

In addition to celebrating the end of filming, Patterson also used his tweet to campaign for an Emmy nomination for his TV soulmate.

During an interview with International Business Times in January, the day that Netflix had officially given the reboot the green light, Patterson dished that one reason he was excited to return to Stars Hollow was so that the cast could get “the recognition that they deserve.”

“I just hope I can do my part in helping Amy [Sherman-Palladino, creator] and these ladies get the recognition they deserve, because while the show was on the air I don’t think it got taken as seriously as it should have,” he said. “It was always a quality show, the performances were always in the upper tier. And I just want to do my part to help these ladies get on that stage and get some iron, you know what I mean?”

Netflix has not released a premiere date for the “Gilmore Girls” reboot.