April the giraffe’s belly swelled Tuesday after weeks of being filmed by Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. The pregnant animal attracted more than 150,000 viewers and people eagerly awaited the birth of April’s calf.

The zoo took to their official Facebook page since February to update their nearly 800,000 followers on April’s condition. Even though nothing changed overnight Monday, Animal Adventure Park noted the size of her belly, which greatly enlarged since last week.

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“Not much to note is changes over night, however, we encourage you to compare today's belly size to even a week ago, to see just how far we have come! We would like to think we are in the home stretch,  but of course keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves—as we have been wrong before,” they wrote Tuesday.

The zoo brought new items into the giraffes holding Tuesday to keep them occupied. “This morning around 10 am - we will be moving enrichment items into camera view for our guests to see some of the activity that keeps our giraffes' interest. We replaced older items thank to your contributions! Boat Buoys and bumpers are not inexpensive!” they wrote. “Anytime we change or alter something in their giraffes' space - you will see their curiosity come to life. With this curious trait, we bring forward our caution. Giraffes can and do get themselves into trouble with their curious nature which can prove fatal. We will watch these new enrichment items the next few days to ensure they are in fact ‘giraffe proof.’”

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In typical fashion, the zoo added a fun fact about giraffes. Tuesday’s was about being able to go longer without drinking water than camels. “They get most of their water from their plant-based diet—which is good considering their height makes the process of drinking difficult and makes them vulnerable!” the post, which was garnered more than 10,000 reactions, said.

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