Netflix released “GLOW” Season 2 last week, and many fans have already finished binge-watching all 10-episodes. Still, they’re left with plenty of questions that need to be answered in Season 3. (Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the “GLOW” Season 2 finale, turn back now.)

1. Can Ruth (Alison Brie) and Russell’s (Victor Quinaz) relationship work? Ruth was just so happy with Russell, but that can’t last for long. It seems like the honeymoon phase has to wear off soon, especially with the challenge of a long-distance relationship.

2. What are Sam’s (Marc Maron) feelings for Ruth? He tried to kiss her, but he backed off. Was he confusing familial feelings for romantic ones? After all, Sam really does not have any idea how to have non-sexual relationships. Or is he actually hoping for a romance?

3. Will Debbie (Betty Gilpin) move on? After two seasons of coping with her divorce, we can only hope that Debbie is finally ready to accept that Mark (Rich Sommer) is just her co-parent.

GLOW Season 3
Will Debbie let go of her baggage in “GLOW” Season 3? Beth Dubber/Netflix

4. Who hates Las Vegas? Let’s face it: doing a TV show in Los Angeles is not the same as doing a live show in Las Vegas. While there’s no doubt that characters like Melanie (Jackie Tohn) will thrive, more reserved girls like Ruth and Carmen (Britney Young) might not feel at home. Plus, it takes actresses like Debbie and Cherry (Sydelle Noel) away from their dreams of being in TV shows and movies.

5. Is Bash (Chris Lowell) gay? He was so uncomfortable in the gay bar and had real trouble with Florian’s AIDS-related death. Is it because he doesn’t know how to accept someone being gay or because he himself is questioning his sexuality?

6. Is Rhonda (Kate Nash) and Bash’s wedding legal? His name wasn’t on the marriage license, so he might be able to back out. Will he rethink this plan once he realizes he married a girl he hasn’t even dated without a prenuptial agreement?

GLOW Rhonda and Bash
Will Rhonda and Bash actually stay married in “GLOW” Season 3? Erica Parise/Netflix

7. Are Arthie (Sunita Mani) and Yolanda (Shakira Barrera) getting together? Arthie is definitely into the new wrestler, but Yolanda tends to flirt with anyone. Is Arthie any different?

8. Will audiences ever bash the racial stereotypes? So far, all criticism of characters like Welfare Queen and The Terrorist have come from cast members and their families. As GLOW gathers a following, will there be any backlash to offensive stereotypes?

9. Is Debbie ever going to find out that Ruth aborted her pregnancy from her affair with Mark? Many expected that secret to come out this season, but it seems the Netflix show will hold onto that one until the worst possible moment.

“GLOW” has not been renewed for Season 3 yet, but with the critical acclaim its receiving, a renewal seems likely.