Netflix has dropped the first trailer for the third season of the beloved women’s wrestling series, “GLOW.” True to fashion, the trailer promises another strong serving of comedy, character drama and, most importantly, wacky wrestling antics from what has become one of the streaming giant’s best original shows. Take a look, then keep reading as we breakdown some of what you can expect from the new season.

Ruth’s relationship troubles:

At the end of season 2, Ruth (Alison Brie) was happily pursuing a relationship with cameraman Russell (Victor Quinaz). Based on the first trailer for Season 3, things appear to be going strong between the two, but nonetheless, Ruth mentions feeling that something is missing from or going wrong with her life that she can’t quite put her finger on. Given the trailer’s focus on the growing chemistry between Ruth and GLOW’s ringmaster, Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron), it’s fair to expect a fair bit of relationship drama between the three.

A bigger show than ever:

As this trailer establishes right away, GLOW has never been bigger. Pulling in big audiences on the Vegas strip, the girls attract the attention of Geena Davis’s new character, entertainment director Sandy St. Clair, who appears to be promising to take the show to the next level. With all this success comes even bigger in-ring antics, with a glimpse of Ruth once again entering the ring via a malfunctioning zipline. Shawn Michaels homage, anyone?

Debbie’s family woes:

Heading into this third season, the remaining pillar of the “GLOW” main cast, Debbie (Betty Gilpin), has been more and more devoted to helping the show succeed. Now that GLOW is becoming a Sin City staple, she finds herself further away from her son than ever. As highlighted by this new trailer, the booming success and profits of GLOW appear to be doing little to help Debbie cope with the distance from her beloved son. Could this lead her to some tough decisions for her this season?

Netflix will release the third season of “GLOW” on Aug. 9. The first two seasons are currently available on the streaming service.

GLOW Season 3 trailer
The first "GLOW" Season 3 trailer was released Monday. Ali Goldstein/Netflix