General Motors Corp said on Thursday that substantial doubt existed about the ability of company to continue as a going concern.

* Says if unable to continue as going concern could be forced to seek relief

through filing under U.S. bankruptcy code

* Going concern language in risk factors section of 10-K

* Says proposed additional loans from U.S. government

* Hopes to receive loans of up to $7.7 billion or more under section 136 of EISA

* Says aggregate of about $30 billion in borrowings from U.S. government by


* Says if unable to successfully reorganize, DIP financing not available, would

be forced to liquidate under chapter 7

* Says in Q4 available liquidity dropped below level necessary to operate


* Says GMAC has a significant amount of indebtedness

* Says at December 31, 2008 GMAC had about $126 billion in principal amount of

indebtedness outstanding