Gmail android app update send money
You can now send money through the Gmail app on Android devices, Google

If you owe your friend cab fare or your half of yesterday’s lunch bill, you can now send money through the Gmail app on your Android device, Google announced Tuesday.

The feature has been available for Gmail through on the web, but now it’s even easier through the app’s new update. You can exchange money with everyone, even if they don’t have a Gmail account. Recipients can also have the money sent directly to their bank account.

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The update means Android users who want to send money don’t have to look to other apps, such as Venmo.

How To Send Money Through The Gmail App On Android Phones

  • First, update your Gmail app and open the application

  • Just like you would with writing a regular email, tap on the Compose button and type in the contact you want to send money to

  • Click on the Attachment button on the upper right of the screen.

  • Tap “Send Money,” which brings up Google Wallet to the screen without leaving the app

  • Type in the amount you want to send, then tap continue

  • You will then have an option to write a memo about the money you’re sending (i.e. “Ski Trip,” “Yesterday’s Lunch,” etc.). After writing in the memo you can hit Done.

  • The attachment file with the money amount will appear on the screen

  • You can then continue to write the email, or just hit send.

  • After the money is sent all the recipient has to do is tap Claim Money in the email.

gmail send money app android
Android users can now send money to their contacts with the Gmail app's new update. Google

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There is no fee when sending money with Gmail. The feature is available in the U.S. only on Androids or through Gmail on the web.