Apple hasn't yet launched the iPhone 6 in China, but you can buy one there in coveted gold with 128 gigs of memory if you're willing to part with 25,800 yuan (about $4,128). You can see here from photos taken at an "Apple Experience" store Sunday in an upscale mall in the Shigingshan District of Beijing that the iPhone 6 is available -- and expensive. The 16 gigabyte version is selling here for 19,800 yuan ($3,168) and the 64 gigabyte version for 22,800 yuan ($3,648).

chinaiphone2 The coveted gold iPhone 6 on display in an "Apple Experience" store in Beijing. Photo: Robert Learmonth

Unlike the iPhone 5S launch, Apple has delayed selling its latest iPhone in China and that has created a robust grey market for the device. As Casey Neistat pointed out in a recent film, many of the line-sitters in New York City appeared to be buying the phones to for re-sale or export, presumably where you can't buy one from Apple yet: China. 

iPhones went on sale Friday in nine other countries and territories: the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Puerto Rico. An employee at the "Apple Experience Store" said their iPhones had been imported from Hong Kong, which is probably the most plausible origin of the device.

Apple has not recieved regulatory approval to sell the iPhone 6 in China, and Apple has given no timetable, meaning weeks and perhaps months for entrepreneurs to capitalize on limited supply and huge demand. What little supply that exists has been selling across Beijing for huge markupsBloomberg interviewed a guy selling the iPhone 6 right outside an official Apple Store in Beijing Friday for 8,000 yuan ($1,303) . Since then, supply has become more scarce the price is going up.

It will be interesting to see how Apple's first weekend of iPhone 6 sales compare with the iPhone 5S, which launched simultaneously in China along with the rest of the world. We'll learn more about those on later on Monday.