CALIFORNIA (Commodity Online): Junk silver coins may be the next gold rush for those looking for an affordable way to hedge against the global finacial market. Gold investors who are savy on precious metal investment have been discovering the value of junk silver and are buying up the coins in bulk quantites, according to Regal Assets, a precious metals investment advisor.

The advisory said that it is meeting this demand by offering face value bags of both 40% and 90% silver.

The content of these junk silver coins have been overlooked for decades as other investors picked them up at face value. A $1.40 combination of pre 1965 dimes, quarters and half dollar silver coins contains 1 once of silver which equals approximatelty $18 in todays market. After 1965 the goverment reduced the amount of silver in coins, However, $3.40 of any combination of 1966-1970 silver coins contains 1 once of silver. The value of these coins will continue to gain in direct reflection of silver and gold price increases.

While silver was cast off as a poor second brother when it comes to gold it is not to be mistaken as an investment. In today's volatile times where stock market poses a great threat of sweeping away our hard earned money and even more suave investment, it is advisable to always have some amount of money locked in precious metals ranging from gold bullion to silver.

Regal Assets has been advising their clients to diversify in the most recognized forms of international investment in three ways. The first is to take physical possesion of gold bullion coins as they are honored by all countries. The second is to have some form of silver as it is easy to trade and barter in small amounts. The third is to creat a retirment account backed by gold in the form of a Gold IRA.

Silver by the virtue of its nature is an excellent option next to bullion for those who want to put their money in a low level of strong investment. In fact, Regal Assets now offers $50 junk silver bags for children so that parents can get them excired about gold and silver coins and impart the knowledge of financial management and investment from a very young age, a press release.