While the Golden Globes Sunday are primarily about awarding the very best performances in film and television over the last year, many tuned in more excited to see hosts Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) and Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”) for the third, and supposedly final year in a row.

Fey and Poehler have provided a more friendly-spirited alternative to Ricky Gervais, who hosted from 2010-2012, notoriously roasting the Hollywood elite as they watched uncomfortably from their seats. However, the duo has not been any less hilarious and anticipation was high for their final Golden Globes monologue.

Here are the best zingers from Fey and Poehler’s opening monologue:

  • Peohler started off by lampooning the North Korea controversy over the release of “The Interview,” saying the awards celebrated “all the movies North Korea was ok with.” Fey later thanked North Korea for “forcing us to pretend we wanted to see ['The Interview'].
  • The hosts acknowledged the presence of Oprah Winfrey, who starred in “Selma,” with Fey feigning that Winfrey had put “a cranberry candle under all of your seats!”
  • Fey had some fun with Patricia Arquette, nominated for “Boyhood,” which was filmed over 12 years, saying “'Boyhood' proves that there are still roles for women over 40 as long as they get hired before they are 40.”
  • The hosts had poked fun at their friend with Fey and Poehler noting, “In ‘Foxcatcher’ Steve Carell plays a paranoid, murderous billionaire, a big transformation from real life where he is a paranoid, murderous millionaire.”
  • Fey joked that quirky director Wes Anderson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) “arrived on a bicycle made of antique tuba parts.”
  • Poehler and Fey listed the many humanitarian and human rights accomplishments of George Clooney’s new wife Amal Clooney before noting that George, not Amal, would be honored with a lifetime achievement award that night.
  • Playing a game of “would you rather,” Poehler chose Mark Ruffalo (“Foxcatcher”) over Ed Norton (“Birdman”) saying, “Mark, cause everyone knows I like it Ruffalo.”
  • Fey invoked recent current events in Ferguson and New York City joking that “Selma” was about the civil rights movement “which totally worked and now everything’s fine.”
  • Fey and Poehler touched on more controversy by making fun of comedian Bill Cosby, saying that in “Into the Woods”, “Sleeping Beauty thought she was just getting coffee with Bill Cosby,” followed by impersonations of Cosby by each host saying “I put the pills in the people.”
  • Finally the hosts went to make fun of television before joking that they had no more time.

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