• The incident took place in Ludhiana in the northern Indian state of Punjab
  • The child was handed over to her parents after a medical check
  • The girl was so fond of the Good Samaritan that she wouldn't let go of him 

A Good Samaritan in India has reportedly helped a missing 4-year-old girl reunite with her family Wednesday.

The incident took place in the city of Ludhiana in the northern state of Punjab. The child, identified only as Tanu, had wandered off Monday, while her mother was busy with work.

After the girl disappeared, her family thought she was kidnapped, but the child was actually with the man who, after finding her, took her home and uploaded her picture on Facebook to help her family trace her.

The girl's mother, Yasmin Parveen, who worked at a factory, used to take her two daughters to her workplace. The girls used to play outside the factory. However, on Monday evening, the 4-year-old ventured off while playing with her sister and lost her way, Hindustan Times reported.

The Good Samaritan, identified as Ajmal Ansari, then came to the rescue of the girl and asked for help online to locate her parents. After the post started doing rounds on social media, the cops arrived at his residence and the latter handed the child over to them after a medical check-up.

Ansari told the cops his family members tried to search for the girl's parents, but in vain. The police said the child had grown so fond of Ansari that she didn't want to let go of him, The Times of India reported.

It wasn't revealed where Ansari found the girl.

"Six teams had been formed in this case to scan the CCTV cameras installed at Shivpuri. We scanned countless CCTV cameras to check the direction in which the man and the child might have gone. It was a sensitive case as the girl was too young and we were worried for her safety. We scanned cameras installed in at least 4-km area of Shivpuri which was really a tough task as timing of most CCTV cameras were different," Additional Deputy Commissioner Of Police Parminder Singh Heer told The Times of India.

"By Tuesday night, we had already circulated the picture and details of the toddler on social media platforms and Whatsapp groups. On the other hand, Ajmal had uploaded Tanu's picture along with his own mobile number on his Facebook profile while trying to trace her parents. When the post went viral, some residents approached the police and shared that Ajmal had uploaded details and picture of the missing girl. Thereafter, we reached Ajmal and found the girl," Heer added.

The official said Ansari bought the child new clothes and got her haircut. For his noble work, Heer asked Ludhiana Police Commissioner Gurpreet Bhullar to give Ansari a certificate of appreciation. The girl's parents also expressed gratitude to Ansari.

Representation. Pixabay