A London resident’s happiness knew no bounds after a kind stranger returned his wallet in the most impressive manner.

Tim Cameron was cycling home from work, when his wallet fell out of his back pocket. He retraced his 3-mile cycling route but the wallet was long gone.

Then 30-year-old noticed four Faster Payments of 1p in his account with accompanying messages that read, "Hi, I found your wallet in the road. Text or call". There was a contact number for Cameron to call.

Turns out, Cameron’s wallet was found by Simon Byford who was cycling on the same route. Byford tried to contact Tim on Facebook but could not find his account. He decided to solve the puzzle himself and worked out the ingenious plan to send a message through bank transfers.

After losing his wallet, Cameron initially thought there was going to be a lot to sort out as it had his UK Biometric Residence Permit and all his bank cards.

Cameron picked up a bottle of wine for Byford and cycled to his house to retrieve his wallet.

"I thought Simon was a bloody legend. When I got to his house I said 'you're a legend', shook his hand, was reunited with my wallet and then I gave him a bottle of wine," Daily Mail quoted Cameron. "He's the nicest bloke ever - it's not surprising he went above and beyond to get it back to me."

Cameron shared the picture of the messages sent on his bank account on Twitter, that quickly went viral.

Byford said, "If I lost my wallet in the road I would want someone to do the same. It was also just a bit of a puzzle ⁠— like how do I contact this dude who I have such little information about? It was an interesting thing to ponder."

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