As Hallmark Channel’s “The Good Witch” Season 6 premiere approaches, the show's lead stars are feeling grateful. Catherine Bell and James Denton spoke with Extra TV about the new season.

“It’s crazy. I don’t know where the time went. It’s the little show that could,” Bell said.

“We’re really lucky,” Denton added.

The two revealed that their characters Cassie Nightingale and Dr. Sam Radford are still in their “honeymoon phase” after celebrating their one year wedding anniversary.

“Always,” Denton chimed.

“Oh yeah, always,” Bell added.

As previously reported, some of the cast’s younger stars won’t appear this season. Bailee Madison, who played Cassie's teenage daughter Grace, has left the show to work on other projects. Furthermore, the character Nick Radford (Rhys Matthew Bond) has gone off to college.

“At the beginning of this, we are empty-nesters, so life is a little different,” Bell said.

“It’s a different vibe this year,” Denton agreed.

The actor further discussed the topic with TV Insider, explaining how the storyline has shifted focus.

"We don't have any more of the high school stories," Denton said. "The show has become a little more mystery-based."

Darin Goldberg, the show’s executive producer, also spoke with TV Insider about the season introducing actress Katherine Barrell. Barrell will debut in the premiere as Joy Harper, who is hoping to get hired by Middleton’s Mayor Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) to renovate her new mansion.

"Joy's come to Middleton with this purpose of getting this job, but we see that she's investigating the Merriwicks," Goldberg explained. "She's got an agenda."

To thicken the plot she decides to reside at Cassie’s bed and breakfast, Grey House.

"She seems to be up to something, prying," Bell added. "Some of the gang doesn't really trust her, and Cassie always knows people's [hidden] intentions. Let's just say Joy has a very interesting history and connection to these people and this town that will be revealed."

Tune in to Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” Season 6 premiere on May 3 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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Sam (James Denton) and Cassie (Catherine Bell) lead the characters on Hallmark's “The Good Witch.” Crown Media / Shane Mahood