Google launched its All Access music streaming service via Play Music with a 30-day free trial at its annual I/O conference on Wednesday. The company said the service will be immediately available in the U.S. and will cost $10 a month, but users who sign up by June 30 will pay just $8 a month.

Update: Users in the U.S. can now update Play Music to include All Access by clicking here.

Google's Chris Yerga shows off All Access, with a thumbs down option visible on screen. Courtesy / Google

The streaming music service will be a new feature of the Play Music Store and will compete with Spotify and Pandora. Chris Yerga, Google's engineering director, announced All Access at I/O. All Access has an option called Explore, offering personalized recommendations based on listening preferences similar to Spotify’s home screen. The new feature will allow for on-demand music streaming and a highly customizable radio option, which can instantly create a playlist from any song or artist, similar to Pandora and Spotify.

With All Access, users can swipe to see what songs are playing next or select the playlist option to see a full list of queued songs. If a listener doesn't like one of the playlist songs, they can “swipe it away” or reorder tracks.

Yerga said that curating playlists on devices with existing services nowadays feels “more like work.” With this new feature, users will have the option on All Access of listening to “expert-powered” playlists curated by Google’s editors, in addition to customizing their own, he said.