Google has once again opened its Google Code Jam, an annual programming competition allowing global community of computer scientists to show their talents.

The Google Code Jam 2009 contestants will compete in several 2½-hour online rounds, attacking three to four difficult algorithmic problems during each round.

We're excited to announce Google Code Jam 2009, powered by Google App Engine, said Bartholomew Furrow, 20% Tech Lead for Google Code Jam.

Players are given a chance to choose their own choice of programming language and tools. After the solutions are ready they will be undergone Google's difficult test data.

One wrong answer out of a hundred, and it's back to the drawing board!, Furrow said.

Google will choose the top 25 among the competitors and they will be flown to the company headquarters in Mountain View, California where they will compete on a $5,000 first prize and the title of Code Jam champion.

The registration is now open at Google Code Jam site and the qualification round starts on September 2.