Google Inc. has confirmed its plan to push the clean energy plan and predicts less Emissions by 2030. The plan promotes energy efficiency and a massive renewable-energy.

The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray asks Eric Schmidt the Google CEO about any reason why the initiative has been made. From a Google perspective it's the right thing to do for the world. It's also good for our business because we're in the information business. And a lot of the energy solutions involve a lot of information.

The CEO has reinforced Google's desire for a national energy plan that will cut greenhouse gas emissions nearly in half by 2030 when he iterated that they were huge energy users.

Schmidt explain that the company needs to invest $3.5 trillion in clean energy over 22 years, and that would generate a savings of $4.4 trillion.

Doing this kind of steps is the right way for investment. If you invest in the right way, you can make money by doing this, Schmidt says.

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