Did you ever want to see what people around the world are searching for in Google, in real time? Now you can, and it looks pretty cool.

With the recent update to Google Trends, which shows the Internet-popularity of literally any word or phrase you can think of, Google introduced a visualizer that displays the Internet’s top trends in a beautiful, full-screen and live-updating animation. It allows you to look at one trend at a time or as many as 25 in a five-by-five grid. You can also specify which country you want to see trends in, or look worldwide.

It may not be very practical or useful, but it sure looks good. It would be awesome screen saver, too. Get to it, Google!

As Reddit commenters point out, it’s pretty clear that Google does a good amount of moderation. The Internet isn’t exactly known for good spelling, yet every topic on the visualization written immaculately. Anyone with a bit of SEO training can tell you that misspelled searches are often as popular as, or even more popular than, the correct spelling.

For a more useful but less gorgeous way to see top trends, you can also check out the new “Top Charts function” of Google trends. You can find the top searches in categories ranging from “actors” to “whiskeys.”

What do you think of the Google Trends visualization program? Let us know in the comments section. 

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