Google announced on its official blog that it has began displaying ads on its News search page.

The ads, which officially made their debut on Thursday, have the same results of what people see on regular Google searches.

The announcement was already expected; in November the company says it plans to implement ads on a number of its properties.

In recent months we've been experimenting with a variety of different formats, like overlay ads on embedded videos from partners like the AP, Business product manager for Google Josh Cohen said.

Yesterday, because of lack of revenue, the 150-year-old Rocky Mountain News announced that it was shutting down effectively today. A new hope is underway as Google unveils its move that will surely become a model for other News Company.

We've always said that we'd unveil these changes when we could offer a good experience for our users, publishers and advertisers alike, and we'll continue to look at ways to deliver ads that are relevant for users and good for publishers, too, Cohen added.

The new ads on news search are only appearing in US area.