Gout is no longer a disease that affects only the rich. Today, all classes of society suffer from gout, and no one is exempted from the debilitating disease.

Gone are the days when gout was regarded as a “disease of the kings.” Huge thanks can be attributed to globalization. Today, everyone can readily access foods that were historically deemed as the food of the rich.

According to the South China Morning Post, the sufferers of gout at present are not contained in Western countries anymore. Those in Asia have also been afflicted with the disease. One example given was China. Here, they have seen a rising number of gout cases. In 2016 alone, there was a 2.9 percent of gout cases recorded, the number of which was almost the same as that of Western countries.

Gout disease affects both the rich and the poor today. Cnick - Pixabay

The Department of Health in Hong Kong has stated that the dietary changes that occurred worldwide were brought about by globalization. There were evident increases in alcohol consumption. There was also an increase in the intake of sugary drinks and energy-dense foods. Also, due to the proliferation of computer-related activities, physical activity among individuals has dramatically reduced.

These lifestyle deficiencies were pinpointed as the primary factors that brought about the rising number of gout cases worldwide. According to the author of “The 28-day Gout Diet Plan,” Sophia Kamveries, gout is characterized by high uric acid (UA) levels in the blood. Too much of UA leads to the formation of crystals that end up deposited in soft tissues and joints.

Symptoms of gout are pain and swelling in affected areas. There is also a showing of redness and heat. Perhaps, the only good side of gout is that it can go away on its own. Other times, sufferers will not experience the symptoms.

Foods high in purines can lead to the disease. Some of the foods that could easily trigger a gout attack would include turkey, trout, liver, veal, and anchovies. Drinking alcohol is also a culprit, as well as fondness in drinking sugary beverages that are high in fructose.

The best advice given to gout sufferers is to eat the right kind of food. Some lifestyle changes could also help prevent its onset.