Grace and Frankie
June Diane Raphael teased what's coming up for Brianna in "Grace and Frankie" Season 2. Netflix

The “Grace and Frankie” families will become even more integrated in Season 2. June Diane Raphael, who plays Brianna, revealed to International Business Times that her recent scenes have focused on Brianna and Frankie’s (Lily Tomlin) new business relationship.

“My character Brianna has the vaginal lube business and more is happening with that and Frankie,” Raphael told IBT at Saturday’s Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS) Awards in Los Angeles. “We’re kind of in business together and it’s insanity… It’s just deeper and funnier, I think. It’s definitely better than the first [season], and I thought the first was pretty good.”

Fans who binge-watched Season 1 on Netflix will remember that Frankie encouraged Brianna to create a lubricant for older women. It seems that Brianna will be turning to the bohemian artist for more advice in Season 2. How will Brianna’s mother Grace (Jane Fonda) react to their newfound business relationship? Raphael didn’t say, but the actress seems happy to have more scenes with Lily Tomlin. She explained that it has actually been a dream come true for her.

“It’s amazing. I mean, I’m working with feminist icons who literally like paved the way, and also, just working with some comedy idols of mine,” the actress, 36, said. “Lily Tomlin is — you know, I used to watch her when I was 16, and ‘Big Business’ was my favorite movie. So for me, her physical comedy and her timing is unreal. I’m learning quite a lot.”

Brianna and Frankie won’t be the only focus, though. Everyone will be affected by another twist in the Season 2 premiere. “There’s a pretty big twist in the first episode, so you shall wait to see what that is,” Raphael teased. “But it kind of sets the course for the rest of the season.”

“Grace and Frankie” Season 2 premieres Friday, May 6 on Netflix.