Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge truth
Celebrities will be given a truth backpack at the Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge. International Business Times

Whether celebrities win an award at the 2018 Grammy Awards or not, they’ll still be going home with a prize. Well, many prizes, actually. The official Grammy Gift Lounge, produced by Distinctive Assets, is open to both presenters and performers during their rehearsal days at Madison Square Garden in New York City, where the show will be held live on Sunday.

The event serves as a way for celebrities to be introduced to new brands, which, in turn, the brands hope they will introduce to their fans. This year’s lounge offers a large duffel swag bag, valued at over $30,000, that’s given to each of the stars that passes through. Aside from the slew of items inside the bag, celebrities are also encouraged to walk through the lounge and stop by booths of other featured brands and pick up other products and services, which all together are worth over $8500.

Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge swag bag
The Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge is gifting celebrities with decked-out swag bags. International Business Times

That means these lounge attendees could go in empty-handed and walk out of the lounge with almost $40,000 worth of items. To see what non-swag bag products the celebrities would be getting their hands on, International Business Times visited the lounge and got the inside scoop.

Safi Kilima Tanzanite Bolo Bracelet ($199)

Not only will the celebrities who stop by this booth be given the brand’s Tanzanite Bolo Bracelet, which features the rare blue and violet gem that’s only mined in Tanzania, but they will also be offered the opportunity to borrow one of the higher-end pieces, valued up to $30,000, to wear to the Grammy Awards if they wish.

Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge safi
Celebrities will be given the Safi Kilima Tanzanite Bolo Bracelet at the Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge International Business Times

Alpha Priority Worldwide VIP Services ($275-$450)

Celebrities will be gifted accounts with this luxury airport and ground transportation service, which will provide them with a complimentary concierge service or airport transfer. The price of the service varies per airport, with the cost coming in at around $275 at JFK Airport.

Customized Fingerlings by WowWee ($200)

These interactive toy animals that slip right onto your finger sold out last year and the brand is looking to reintroduce them again in 2018, starting off at the Grammys. The brand wanted to do something special and created custom, handmade bedazzled Fingerlings for the stars stopping by.

While regular items sold in store cost $14.99, these blinged-out versions, which took about eight hours to make per toy, are estimated at $200. Michelle Elaine of Popline Bling, who customized all of the toys, said it’s all worth it to get these toys into the hands of stars.

“I mean, I would love for Beyonce to be like, ‘Hey, my kids have 10 fingers, I want 10 Fingerlings,” Elaine told IBT of which star in particular she wants to grab these toys.

Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge Fingerlings
Celebrities will be given the Fingerlings at the Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge. International Business Times

Solstice Sunglasses ($68-$100)

It might be winter, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still shining. Lucky for celebs, they’ll be able to choose a new pair of sunglasses from this booth, valued anywhere from $68 to $100.

They’re really hoping for some big stars to stop by, brand representative Kelley Hayes told IBT.

“We’re hoping for John Legend,” she said. “I think everyone’s always hoping for the Jay-Z of the world, but you know. We send [Jay-Z] a lot of sunglasses anyway. We send him and Bey quite a few sunglasses.”

Oxygenetix Foundation ($5,000)

The Famous faces will be able to keep their skin looking healthy with a year supply of this breathable foundation. They’ll be able to pick out their color and then sign up to have the products, valued at $5,000, shipped to them for a year.

Grossé Japan Jewelry ($150-$200)

With red carpet events every month, celebrities can never have too much jewelry, which is why it’s a good thing they’ll be able to choose a piece from this collection, with pieces priced from $150 to $200.

The brand has had good experiences with gifting at the Grammys before, with Bruno Mars taking one of the necklaces and showing it off on Instagram.

Truth X Epiphone Acoustic Guitars Backpack ($200)

Hoping to resonate with the community, the anti-tobacco campaign Truth teamed up with Epiphone to create one-of-a-kind guitars, which are priceless, that musicians can take if they wish and share on social media. If they’re not into that, all who stop by are given a backpack filled with goodies, which is valued at $200.

SmileDirectClub Invisible Aligners and Bright On Premium Whitening Kits ($1850)

To make sure their smiles are camera-ready, Grammy presenters and nominees will be given free aligners, as well as samples of the whitening gel and brightening light.

LumiDiet Wearable Light Therapy Smart Diet Belts ($300)

Always the trendsetters, the influencers will be given this product, which isn’t even available yet in the United States, that aims to reduce inches of fat around the stomach.

Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge LumiDiet
Celebrities will be given a LumiDiet Diet Belt at the Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge. International Business Times

Happiest Tee Shirt and Candle ($97-$121)

This luxury apparel line, which is co-owned by Distinctive Assets creator Lash Fary, is offering guests both a tee, which they can choose from six available options, and a candle, which is offered in various scents.

While the company is hoping all the celebrities who stop through pick up a shirt, brand representative Marie Manning told IBT that they think Miley Cyrus would really love what they’re offering.

“We love Miley Cyrus,” she said. “This would be perfect for Miley because it’s very see-through, so she’d probably wear it with nothing underneath, but it’s really cute that way.”

The shirts range in price from $75 to $99, and the candle is $22.

Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge happiest tee
Happiest Tee feels this shirt would be perfect for Miley Cyrus to pick up at the Grammy Awards 2018 Gift Lounge. International Business Times