A great white shark attacked two men Kayaking near the coast of California. The shark bit the back of the kayak and left two teeth behind as proof for the men to show around.

Danny McDaniel and his friend Jon Chambers were kayaking off the coast of California near Ship Rock when he felt something nudge their kayak. McDaniel initially thought it was his friend who had shoved his Kayak. 

However, McDaniel froze when he looked down and saw an enormous great white shark at the back of his kayak. 

“I saw the snout of the shark over the back of the kayak. Then I followed the snout up and there’s a giant, immense body off to the right side of the boat,” McDaniel, who is from San Diego, said.

The shark pushed around McDaniel after sinking its teeth into the kayak. 

"I felt like I was being pushed like a toy in the water," he said.

Chambers, who was in another kayak behind McDaniel, saw the whole ordeal which was over in a few seconds. Chambers shouted at McDaniel to hit the shark on its head, which was at least twice the size of the kayak.

"It was humongous," Chambers said.

The shark sank its teeth into the kayak holding on for a few seconds before swimming away. 

McDaniel found the souvenir, two big teeth that were left behind by the shark while inspecting his kayak. Apparently, the force at which the shark pushed the kayak, made his teeth come off.

The teeth were roughly 2-inches each, which in turn suggests that the shark was about 19 feet long based on preliminary calculations.