Actor Ryan Reynolds arrives at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles June 5, 2011.
Actor Ryan Reynolds arrives at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles June 5, 2011. Reuters

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively star together in the new Warner Brothers film 'Green Lantern,' which hits theaters today. The film is the work of director Martin Campbell ('Casino Royal,' 'The Mask').

The film is about Hal Jordan (Reynolds), a cocky test pilot who is the only human chosen, by a ring from the Green Lantern Corps, to keep intergalactic peace. Hal must master his powers to fight those who threaten peace within the universe.

The charming 'Gossip Girl,' Blake Lively, plays Carol Ferris, Jordan's co-pilot and love interest.

With all the hype surrounding the film, the real question is not whether Campbell will do justice to the original comic but whether the dashing Reynolds will take his place among the hottest Hollywood names.

Reynolds, is known for his less than macho roles in chick flicks like 'The Proposal' and 'Definitely, Maybe.'

However, 'Green Lantern,' where Reynolds excitedly embraces his character, may prove to be his chance to break out of his comfortable B-list spot. This depends in part on his ability to maintain his already proven skill as an actor, but perhaps more importantly on the ability of the character he portrays to meet the standards of American moviegoers.

In a recent article, they argue that truly successful movies are the ones where the slackers grow up before the final credits roll, where the protagonist ... eventually learns to become an adult and take responsibility for himself and his actions.

The truly talented star is the one who can effortlessly portray that change. As Hal Jordan, will Reynolds successfuly achieve this?

Last month, Reynolds described Hal to MTV as a guy that goes from a reckless, walking mishap to a guy with a higher calling, and he really rises to that occasion.

Now it's time to see if Reynolds can rise to his.

Lively on 'Green Lantern'

The 'Gossip Girl' actress recently spoke about her experience working on 'Green Lantern.' Lively said, When you work on a film of this size, you realize you're working with the best of the best. Everyone is at the top of their game.

To be able to be around that every single day is so inspiring and motivating. And it really makes you up your game.

Watch the 'Green Lantern' trailer: