If you’ve ever watched "Quantum Leap," then you know how this goes: well-meaning individual jumps to various points in time, making things better. And a Youtube video is asking whether Greta Thunberg is just that -- a leaper.

In a video published Nov. 15, ArtAlien TV discussed a photograph taken from the Klondike gold rush in the Yukon. The photograph showed several youths operating a pulley in one of the gold mines in the Klondike. One of the youths shared a striking resemblance to Thunberg.

The Youtube channel immediately asserted that the photograph had not been altered in any way. It then goes to ask if the person in the photo might be proof that Greta is a time traveler, or if the similarity between the two is just pure coincidence.

UFO enthusiast Scott Waring took this question a step further, theorizing that Thunberg was more than just a time traveler. Waring postulated that the young lady wasn’t just jumping throughout time, but that she was possibly a philanthropist of sorts who made it her business to fix bad moments in history.

“This would explain why a child in speaking at the United Nations and how she becomes world-famous almost overnight,” Waring said in his post over at ET Database.

The Klondike gold rush was from 1897 to 1899, which would make the picture anywhere from 120 to 122 years old – and it shows. The photo also has an inscription carved into the paper detailing the content of the photo, and where it was taken.

ArtAlien TV also went on to caution its viewers from concluding that the image was proof of a time-traveling Greta. It could be, said the channel, that it just so happened that Greta had a more generic set of facial characteristics.

As for Waring, his theories should always be taken with a grain of salt. He is infamous for outrageous theories about alien life in planets like Mars, Jupiter and even our own moon -- most of which have been debunked or not recognized by experts.

Whichever it is, the resemblance of the girl in the photo to Thunberg is incredibly striking. Watch the original video on ArtAlien TV’s YouTube channel.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sailed to Europe after a busy 11 week tour of North America and Canada
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg sailed to Europe after a busy 11 week tour of North America and Canada AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM