Just because Jerrika Hinton has been cast as the female lead in Shonda Rhimes’ new ABC comedy “Toast” doesn’t mean her “Grey’s Anatomy” gig is.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the mastermind behind the hit medical drama revealed what Hinton’s participation in the upcoming TV show would mean for the fate of her character Stephanie — a beloved surgeon on the ABC series.

“Stephanie is still there,” the executive producer reassured worried fans (cough, us, cough), adding that Hinton’s casting in “Toast” will not affect the actress’ Grey Sloan career just yet.

On Tuesday, Deadline reported that 34-year-old artist would be starring opposite Jono Kenyon in the “hybrid comedy.” The forthcoming project, written by “Scandal” actor Scott Foley and “Heroes Reborn” star Greg Grunberg, will follow the storyline of an engaged couple, portrayed by Kenyon and Hinton.

The pilot episode flashes back to the night of Max (Kenyon) and Page’s (Hinton) wedding rehearsal dinner, unveiling the toasts given to the duo by their “eclectic family and friends.” However, their present-day marriage proves that not all the speeches correctly predicted just how complicated their relationship would be in this “relatable” tale.

“Grey’s Anatomy,” which was recently renewed for Season 13, airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.