“Grey’s Anatomy” will be airing its third episode of Season 11 on Thursday, Oct. 9. And while we’re looking forward to seeing how Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie’s (Kelly McCrery) half-sister plot plays out (hint: it’s pretty messy) there’s another storyline in “Got To Be Real” that has us on the tip of our toes.

According to the synopsis of episode 3, Owen (Kevin McKidd) will introduce Callie (Sara Ramirez) to the Veterans Hospital patients in hopes that she will be able to help them with her robotic limb lab. However, the glimmer of hope these vets have will soon fizzle out when Callie breaks the news that they aren’t qualified to sport a robot prosthetic.

In a sneak peek video for “Got To Be Real” Callie asks her newest army patient, Jeff, to flex for her. However, she isn’t seeing the results she’s hoping for on the EMG. And that’s because of Jeff’s botched amputation. “There’s no way this will work," Callie informs Owen after he pulls her outside the room.

“It’s a crappy amputation,” she continued.

“Probably because it was done in less than ideal circumstance. He’s a soldier, Callie,” he said.

Callie explained that she understood. But it’s the robotic limb that doesn’t have empathy for the man sitting inside the room with a missing leg. “You know who doesn’t care? You know who doesn’t give a damn about his service? The robot leg,” she said, adding that the damage nerves of Jeff’s leg won’t communicate with his muscles, which mean they won’t communicate with the sensors in the prosthesis.

But Owen won’t take no for an answer. Instead he orders her to find a way around the problem. That’s when the two begin having a full-fledged fight on the hospital floor, as several employees look on.

“You don’t get these guys’ hopes up and leave them with nothing,” Owen argued. But Callie insists -- with intensity we might add -- that she wasn’t the one dangling faith in the form of a prosthetic leg in front of the wounded soldiers.

“I’m about to go in there and crush his dreams because of you,” she said, concluding the heated sneak peek promo video of episode 3.

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