“Grey’s Anatomy” fans have witnessed their fair share of breakups throughout the long-running ABC series. But nothing could prepare audiences for the heart-wrenching demise of Japril in Season 12 of the Shonda Rhimes’ created medical drama.

In the Season 11 finale, Jackson (Jesse Williams) gave his wife an ultimatum that forced April (Sarah Drew) to choose between him or the military. Angry over the position Jackson put her in, April packed her bags and reprised her role in the army.

But when she came home three months later, there was no “welcome back” party or romantic candlelit dinner. Instead, April was greeted with contempt from her husband and an eviction notice. However, April, being the headstrong surgeon she is, refused to leave the home she and Jackson shared as husband and wife – even when Jackson accused her of being the opposite of a kidnapper.

“I’m not leaving,” April tells Jackson in a promo video for episode 3 after he asks her why she's cooking instead of packing. “Because I told you that I’m not giving up. If you want to trade nights on the couch we can do that but I’m not moving out of my home.”

Frustrated, Jackson barks back that it’s his home – not hers. “I hate that you are forcing me to say this stuff, April," he says. "It’s my name on the lease. It’s my place. You moved in and you moved out."

But April responds that she never “moved out” – she just left for a little while, hoping to give the two of them the "space" they needed.

“I need space now!” Jackson shouts.

April attempts to rebuttal, saying that marriage might be hard “but you don’t just stop,” which sets Jackson up for the perfect storm of responses: “You do. You do just stop. You know what they call that? Divorce.”

Could this be the end of Japril? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in to “Grey’s Anatomy” when Season 12 returns with episode 3, “I Choose You,” Thursday, Oct. 8, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.