“Grey’s Anatomy” never fails to surprise us -- even after twelve seasons. And episode 7 of the ABC medical drama, titled “Something Against You,” definitely had our jaws on the floor when fans were introduced to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Jo’s (Camilla Luddington) longtime patient Mr. Jaffe.

Mr. Jaffe has been on the kidney transplant list for years. And during the Thursday night installment, he learns that a perfect match has finally been found for him. But the surgeons run into a major issue when they uncover a massive tumor growing under Mr. Jaffe’s skull -- one that could prevent their patient from receiving the kidney.

So the docs hit the books, which is when Jo proposes a skull transplant along with Jaffe’s kidney operation. However, Jo’s brilliant idea only causes more drama for the surgeons of Grey Sloan, specifically between Meredith and Penny (Samantha Sloyan).

During episode 7, Penny vents to Callie (Sara Ramirez) about Meredith’s training -- or lack there of. Instead of letting Penny get involved during Mr. Jaffe’s case, she orders the newbie to babysit the brain-dead donor. This angers Callie and leads to a confrontation between the two surgeons.

“Why are you doing this?” Callie asks Mer, wanting to know why she's not letting Penny scrub in during the skull transplant. “What … you just want her to sit there and think about what happened to Derek?”

But Callie’s comment doesn’t sit well with Penny. The newcomer tells her girlfriend to stop embarrassing her and to quit fighting battles that aren't hers to fight. As Callie’s leaves, Penny musters up the courage to confront her boss for the first time.

“I don’t need her to fight for me but Callie’s right … I’m here to learn. I want to learn but you have to teach me,” she says. “You told me not to quit and I didn’t but you are right now. So, if you can’t do what you’re here to do, then please … let me go.”

And it looks like Penny’s confidence paid off because the next thing viewers know, Mer is calling Penny over to watch the kidney transplant up close and personal -- something that bothers Jo considering Mr. Jaffe was her patient.

But of course, a skull transplant was just one of episode 7’s jaw-dropping moments. Fans got a taste of Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) disdain for Riggs (Martin Henderson), the hot doc from New Zealand, after he learned Bailey (Chandra Wilson) had hired the newcomer and failed to let her staff know (due to her current roommate situation at home).

“This is a bad call. This is a really bad call,” Owen tells Bailey, revealing he doesn’t approve of Riggs working at Grey Sloan. (And we agree! Anything that can ignite Owen's PTSD is not OK in our book!) But instead of unveiling to Amelia or Meredith what his beef with the beefy new surgeon is, he just tells Meredith that he “hates” Riggs.

“OK, then we hate him,” Meredith agrees.

Other Major Moments From Episode 7

  • Bailey lets Ben (Jason George) know that he can kiss having sex goodbye until he gets Jackson (Jesse Williams) off their couch. (Jackson has been staying there since he separated from his wife). But Ben has a hard time trying to kick out his friend -- especially because Jackson is in the middle of a divorce, or at least, that's what we thought! Episode 7 ends with Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) between the sheets instead of signing divorce papers.
  • Japril isn’t the only Grey Sloan couple to get hot and heavy in episode 7. Owen and Amelia had their own intimate moment, which of course was interrupted by work and the reprise of Owen’s nemesis. But this leaves us wondering why Owen can't open up emotionally with Amelia. (Owen refuses to tell Amelia his issues with Riggs in episode 7.)
  • Amelia apologizes to Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) for believing Jo rather than trusting her (regarding Edward's past medical condition). This causes Amelia to think she was being racist so she confides in Maggie (Kelly McCreary) -- because she’s her sister, not because she’s black -- to give her some feedback.

    “Don’t make [Edwards] do the extra work of making you feel good about it,” Maggie says to her sister after Amelia says she still feels upset even though Edwards accepted her apology. “I’m glad you feel like you could talk to me about it but I am not the spokesperson. If you feel uncomfortable having done it, check your white privilege and don’t do it again. But I don’t think you’re racist.”
  • Arizona finally finds herself a good wingman in episode 7. But who knew it would have been Richard (James Pickens, Jr.)?