It seems like just yesterday — or should we say last week — Owen and Amelia were toying with the idea of trying for a baby on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Now the newly wed sister of Derek Shepherd (may he rest in peace) is buzzing with excitement, certain that she got pregnant on their first try.

Before even taking a pregnancy test, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) begins sharing the exciting news with members of the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital staff in Season 13, episode 5. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) finds her digging through a supply closet, worried that she’s searching for drugs. She confronts her and learns that her former sister-in-law is expecting — at least she thinks she is. Amelia shares with her that for the first time ever her period is late, a sure sign that a baby is on it’s way. Meredith is unimpressed, taking back her preemptive hugs and congratulations temporarily. She helps Amelia locate the pregnancy tests and sends her on her way, urging her dead husband’s sister to make Owen (Kevin McKidd) aware of the potentially life-changing news.

He’s busy juggling issues of his own after Jackson (Jesse Williams) shows up at the hospital unexpectedly. Owen offers to watch Harriet for him while the new father goes and checks on a patient, but has no idea what he’s getting himself into. Harriet cries for much of their early moments together, which Alex (Justin Chambers) chalks up to Owen just not being “a baby guy.” Owen is certain that he can get Harriet to stop crying, but his confidence slowly dwindels as the hours tick by. He ignores repeated suggestions to drop the baby off at the hospital daycare, instead searching for other solutions. He enlists the help of several doctors around the hospital, but it seems a little time is all baby Harriet needed.

While Owen is on daddy duty and Amelia scrambles to figure out how she’s going to tell him her big news, Meredith and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) are battling over a liver. Bailey’s patient — a sweet knitting, cookie-making old woman who has asked that she and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) call her Grammy — has been on the transplant list for three long years. Today is the day she’s scheduled to get a liver and she and her family are very much looking forward to it. Meredith’s patient is a 25-year-old woman who fainted while out running in high temperatures.

The heat stroke she suffered caused her liver to begin failing. Doctors call in her twin sister to sit at her bed side and she’s eager to give her sister a portion of her liver. While they find that she’s a match, Meredith is forced to give her the difficult news that she is not able to save her sister because she’s pregnant. Meredith remains hopeful that she can convince Bailey to talk to her patient and have her volunteer to give up her liver for the young girl. Bailey is certain that the sweet woman will do it, and sits down with her begrudgingly to discuss their options. Much to her surprise, the patient is unwilling to give it up and tells Meredith’s patient to “find her own liver.”

With no liver and no hopes of finding another within the next few hours — which is all her patient has been given to live — Meredith decides to simply run out the clock. This will allow her patient's sister to sit with her and spend their final moments together. A last minute turn of events leaves Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) and Maggie’s (Kelly McCreary) patient — an organ donor who’s just undergone a risky heart surgery — dead. After a moment of sadness the pair are able to spin their predicament for the positive, offering the liver to Meredith’s ailing runner. The surgery is approved and goes off without a hitch.

Outside the operating room DeLuca and Jo (Camilla Luddington) continue to bond. While DeLuca has been having a joyous day, filled with sweet patients, snickerdoodles and good outcomes, Jo keeps getting pushed out of potentially good surgeries for other matters. She can’t seem to catch a break, but has found a friend in DeLuca, who is no stranger to misfortune.

After a long day at the hospital Owen returns home to a romantic surprise. Amelia has lit candles all around and left out her unused pregnancy test, alerting him that mission baby may be a go. He is thrilled after finally getting into the swing of things with Harriet and immediately begins discussing plans to turn the study in their home into a nursery. Meanwhile Amelia is anxiously awaiting the results. She pees on the test and watches as lines appear, telling her that she is not pregnant. Owen is heartbroken, but optimistic for the future while Amelia seems almost relieved.

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