Gross Gore, one of the most polarizing figures in League of Legends streaming, is finally back on Twitch. After a ban of more than a year from the streaming service, the British Twisted Fate main is back, lads. Grossie has never been able to reach his previous popularity on other streaming platforms, like YouTube, so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.

Gross was originally banned for spewing false pedophilia accusations about another League of Legends streamer, which forced Twitch’s hand. Allowing Gross back, even after a full year, leaves the floodgates open for other streamers who have done some questionable things in front of thousands of fans.

It’s unclear why Twitch lifted its ban on Gross Gore, especially considering how strict the streaming platform has been on “indecent” content over the past year. Ice Poseidon, who streams his day-to-day life, was banned on Twitch earlier this year after his fans called the police and got him arrested on a flight, just for the “lolz.” Twitch wants viewers, but it doesn’t want potential legal problems. They’ll allow Tyler1, a player who was so toxic and malicious he was banned from even playing League of Legends by the company that made the game, but ban Ice and Gross for reasons that aren’t even listed in its terms of service.

Members of the League Of Legends community who missed Gross Gore’s antics are welcoming him back with open arms. Ecstatic that he’s returned, fans are ready to watch him come back to the platform that made him famous.

Pornstar Zilean, a League player known for playing with Gross -and trolling him in his games- is ready to get back to work.

This has been a good May for Gross Gore. About a week ago, the mad lad announced he is going to be a father. In the reveal video, he announced that Rachel, his girlfriend, is nine weeks pregnant. The last time I checked on Grossie was after his Twitch ban, when he was at his lowest. It’s great to see things looking up for him and I hope that he can regain his former glory.

Gross Gore hasn’t released when (or even if) he’s going to start streaming on Twitch again, but you can watch the channel here. The stream is currently down, but will be back up later in the day in the next few days according to admins on Gross Gore's Discord channel.

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Screenshot from admin 'Robin Discord