On Thursday President Barak Obama signed three executive orders.

1- Closure of Guantanamo Bay prison

2- The closure of all CIA prisons

3- Banning use of torture

These three orders came as a strong reversal to the war on terror policies implemented by the Bush administration following the September, 11 attacks.

Signing the Guantanamo order which also halted any further military hearings of the inmates, Obama said he was setting in place a process by which the camp will be closed no later than one year from now.

But many of the prisoners could find themselves released a lot sooner, as the order establishes a process to review their cases with the goal of disposing of the detainees before closing the facility.

According to a white house summary to the AFP, The order sets up an immediate review to determine whether it is possible to transfer detainees to third countries, consistent with national security.

If transfer is not approved, a second review will determine whether prosecution is possible and in what forum.

Should any of the 245 remaining inmates not be able to be transferred cannot be transferred or prosecuted, then the review coordinated by the attorney general and the defense secretary will look at lawful ways of dealing with them.