Two men rescued a boy who was being attacked by two dogs inside the fenced yard of his grandmother's house in Stanfill Drive, Columbia, on Sunday.

The 6-year-old boy was rushed to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital where he was treated.

Columbia Daily Herald reported that the dogs attacked the boy soon after his family had returned home and had let the animals outside. Witness Resse Howell told WKRN-TV that the two men saw the attack and stepped in to rescue the boy.

Pit Bull | Representational Image Getty Images/ LIWANAG

“He saved the little boy's life,” said Howell, a relative of the property owner.

Howell added that the two men, fought the “big dogs” for several minutes in an effort to make the animals let go of the boy.

“They are true heroes. The little boy would not be alive if it weren't for those two.”

The owner of the dogs cooperated with officials and surrendered the animals' custody to the Maury County Animal Services, Maury County Animal Control Director Jack Cooper said.

Copper described the dogs to be “pit bull types,” and only one of the animals was the primary attacker, but the second also bit the boy.

“It all happened very quickly. This was a pretty gruesome dog attack,” he said.

The dogs were euthanized on the night they were surrendered by their owners.

“In addition to being so vicious we had little choice but to euthanize the dogs,” Cooper pointed out.

The recent attack also prompted Cooper to push for his position of establishing a “dangerous animal ordinance” in Maury County so that they can “better protect the public from habitually dangerous pets.”

Prior to this attack, Maury County has had it fair share of reported animal encounters. In March 2016, Teresa Humphrey was “mauled viciously” by three pitbulls.

The 53-year-old resident of 3367 R.O. Peach Rd. suffered visible injuries to her arms and legs and was airlifted to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

One month after the attack on Humphrey, a 90-pound Doberman Pinscher attacked a 5-year-old girl and bit her in the face while she was playing outside her home.

Hailey Morton suffered a three-and-a-half-inch laceration and four puncture wounds and was rushed to the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital in Vanderbilt.

Robert Pease also had an encounter with a pitbull. Reports said that Pease, 40, was mowing his yard when he noticed his neighbor's dog loose in his yard.

The gray male pitbull barked at him and attacked, resulting to multiple bite wounds.