Two pit-bulls escaped from their home, leading to an alert declaring them vicious. Soon after, one of them attacked and killed a dachshund in west suburban Westchester. This was the second escape, leading the neighbors to become alarmed at the possibility of rogue dogs on the loose.

Police called for a report of the two pit-bulls, said the two dogs escaped from their home in Suffolk Avenue and were running down the street. They found one of them, a 16-month-old female with ease and took it in.

The deceased dog’s owner, Woody Jackson addressed media crews with one of his dogs. The uninjured dog, Mala, also a dachshund was traumatized by the attack. His eight-year-old sister, Sookie, was not as fortunate.

Jackson termed them as the most docile dogs one would ever come across. On Monday night, he heard yelping from his backyard. When he went to investigate, he found that another dog had managed to get into his fenced off yard and attack his dogs.

The pit-bull male allegedly went for the underbelly and started to flip. A Good Samaritan, J.P. Salazar was walking down the street at the time and head the shrieks. When he got there, he saw the pit-bull had the dachshund in its mouth, and it was thrashing.

Salazar had recently undergone surgery and had to use a cane to walk, but he managed to wrestle the pit-bull down until the authorities arrived on the scene. He would later realize the pit-bull he had grappled was a repeat offender.

The media had reported on the same dogs in November when they killed another Dachshund called Harry. The owner, Cal Panek tried to push the dogs off but got 15 puncture wounds in return.

The female had blood on her but it was not clear yet about her role in that incident. From then on, the two dogs were declared vicious, mandated to wear a muzzle and placed in an enclosure.

The owners of the vicious dogs came to claim their dogs at the station, but they had to have the male euthanized on Sunday evening. The female was taken to another animal hospital and will be impounded before the Cook County judge decides on her fate.

Sentiment is in favor with Salazar who commented that the Dachshunds could have been a small child. The owners are unavailable for comment at this time. They have been issued with several citations, though, and will appear in court on Wednesday.

pit-bull pixabay