David Stewart
Photo Credit: David Stewart

"If there is one thing that social media has taught me, it's that people want instant gratification, and that applies to travel too." The CEO of Travelshift, David Stewart, has built something incredible in the form of Guide to Europe.

The platform is an ambitious venture that combines all booking platforms into one, so that travelers can book their flights, hotels, tours, and transportation, all in one place. They've gone on to market themselves as a platform where "vacations are planned in minutes" and true to their word, booking and planning a trip has not been easier.

Standing out from the crowd

Websites like Expedia and Booking.com provide a fragmented framework for travel. Travelers will have to coordinate their own travel plans which can be rather complicated. Since instant gratification was all about receiving results at the click of a button, it meant that Guide to Europe provided a service that meets the needs of today's generation.

As mentioned above, Guide to Europe gives users the ability to book their entire trip straight from their website, but aside from that, users can also discover their destinations and explore the various attractions that they might be interested in. It all depends on the kind of holiday that their users choose, whether they want to have a relaxing vacation, or if they are planning on a life-changing experience.

It basically means that users can do their due diligence straight from Guide to Europe instead of having to look through fifty different travel blogs in order to piece together an itinerary that excites them. Furthermore, on Guide to Europe, users can be confident that the information listed is completely accurate and up to date - which can be a problem when trying to build an itinerary off travel blogs or defunct websites.

Everything is customizable

Another key feature that young travelers look for is the ability to customize their travel plans according to their preferences. Guide to Europe gives users control over every element of travel, from their itinerary to their budget, ensuring that everything meets the requirements of each different traveler.

"Aside from pricing, we also let users weigh the pros and cons between services, ratings, and make comparisons from one tour to the other," explains the CEO, "We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer satisfaction and service, after all, travel should be enjoyable, so we're taking stress out of the equation."

Started from the bottom

The platform's humble beginnings took root in Iceland and it started with Guide to Iceland. The sheer number of travelers who commended their services and hailed them as Iceland's Leading Travel Agency thanks to their life-changing experiences gave the company the confidence they needed to bring his platform to a higher level.

Formulating itineraries is one of their key features because Guide to Europe - much like what their name represents - provides lesser known destinations and sharing exciting experiences that are more steeped in the country's diverse culture, which is another reason why they are so revered in what they do.

"It was the logical next step for Guide to Iceland to expand into Guide to Europe. We saw how much people enjoyed our platform and we have plans to bring it to the global field. There's a powerful sense of accomplishment in helping people build unforgettable memories because travel can be cathartic or it can be completely stressful," Stewart shared, "We want more catharsis and less stress."

Technology taking the helm

Built around the values of bringing joy to their users means that Guide to Europe is on a never ending search for better technology and ways that they can improve user experience. They have already adopted A.I. into their approach in developing itineraries that will speak to various users. Much like how Tiktok has their algorithms to keep you swiping on the app, providing users with exactly the kind of content that they want to see, Guide to Europe is also focused on bringing personalized attractions, itineraries, and destinations, to their various users in order to help them make better decisions about their travel plans.

Guide to Europe is now giving users a data-driven decision making tool to plan their travel. But it is also the first travel platform in the world that allows users to book a complete vacation using their voice, with the Google assistant or the Amazon Alexa, making it easier then ever to book the perfect trip.