It takes a lot to manage a business as the list of things to do can be endless. This is why business owners should learn to work smart and make use of online services to help lighten the load. 

Getting a payroll service is a very practical move as it automates payroll calculations, tax statements and year-end taxes. It helps streamline business operations by ensuring that employees get their correct paycheck. Payroll services can also be used to handle your deposits and withdrawals as well as new-hire reporting. 


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One of the best payroll services for small businesses is Gusto. To date, it manages payroll processes for over 200,000 businesses. Gusto is a full-service payroll provider that goes above and beyond by offering additional services.

Benefits for your team

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Gusto can help you build a stronger team by enabling you to customize your benefits package for your employees. 

It also has a free app called Gusto Wallet, that helps your employees manage their paychecks, access emergency funds, save, track their money and more. They can create up to five saving goals so they can prioritize saving up for things that matter. It also comes with a debit card which earns up to 1.7 times more interest than the national average.

You can also apply for health reimbursement at an affordable cost as an alternative to traditional health insurance. A more premium option is a small group health insurance which can be customized based on your team’s needs. You can learn more about the benefits they offer here.

Certified HR Experts

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If you sign up for the Concierge plan, you will also gain access to personalized support from certified HR experts. Employee lawsuits could cost up to $160,000, which is why being compliant can help prevent future lawsuits and fines. With an HR expert working with you, your company can stay on top of changing regulations that may affect your business.

Time Tracking

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With Gusto, every hour counts. Easily keep track of your team’s hours -- work, breaks and holidays which are easily calculated into payroll. Employees and contractors get to log their hours on their Gusto accounts which will be subject to your approval. It also covers project and workforce costing by keeping tabs on project costs with a detailed breakdown by project, task, employee and time period. With zero extra work on your end, you can automatically sync hours and costs to Quickbooks or Xero for job costing. It makes use of a calendar which you can easily use to keep track of tasks, key dates and even holidays. All the nitty-gritty details will be available to you in one glance, whenever you need it.        

Hiring and Onboarding

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Great even for businesses that have work-from-home employees, Gusto provides hiring, onboarding and engagement tools for a more efficient employee management scheme. Offer templates are available for use to entice new hires. As soon as they get hired, they'll be able to quickly start on the customized onboarding checklist. They can easily access the forms, sign it and store these documents in the cloud. Gusto puts together all your favorite tools and apps in one place so your employees can access them in just one click. No extra paperwork, less to worry about.

Employee Finance Tools

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Gusto takes care of your team so they can enjoy a work culture that looks after their needs. In the Gusto Wallet app, Cashout is a free financial benefit for your employees. This gives your employees access to cash in case they need it in between paydays. The money they borrow is automatically deducted from their next paycheck without additional fees. 

Gusto Payroll Pricing

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Choose the best plan for your business. Check out the complete list of inclusions here. 

Gusto provides business owners an effective solution to some of their operational needs while also ensuring that it contributes to a happy workplace. According to clients who've given Gusto payroll reviews, they can no longer imagine running their business without it.

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