• Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton appeared on "Our Country" special show
  • Shelton made a mistake while telling fans to stay safe
  • Stefani teased her boyfriend about the mistake on social media

Blake Shelton made a mistake during the “Our Country” special that aired on CBS recently. Instead of telling viewers to stay safe, the singer said “say stace.” His girlfriend decided to tease him about it by sharing a clip of his mistake on social media.

Stefani couldn’t stop herself from laughing when Shelton said “say stace” on “Our Country,” and she shared the clip on her Instagram page. She tagged her boyfriend in the post and reminded everyone about the bungle by adding it in a hashtag in her post.

Shelton probably knows that he will be teased about this for some time, especially from his girlfriend. He decided to embrace the mistake and poke some fun at himself by sharing the same mistake on Twitter. However, he spelt it a little differently.

“Say Stace everybody...Say Stace,” Shelton wrote.

While the couple had fun with the mistake, the fans are also having a laugh over it. Stefani’s post has over a million views as of this writing, and the country singer’s Twitter post attracted over 6,000 likes.

The couple was on “Our Country” special to sing the duet “Nobody But You.” Shelton took to Instagram to say that it was “such an honor” to sing the song with his girlfriend on the show. Fans can stream the full show on CBS All Access.

Shelton and Stefani are currently practicing social distancing. The country singer previously revealed that both he and his girlfriend are in lockdown at their ranch in Oklahoma, E! News reported. Shelton also joked that he is spending his time by drinking all day, and he added that this is what many people must be doing in their homes.

Shelton and Stefani are also doing fun some things while staying at home. The “Hollaback Girl” singer decided to use this time to give her boyfriend a haircut, Page Six reported.