First month of the year is typically the busiest time for gyms as people make losing weight their New Year's Resolution.

Statistics have shown that the 2nd and 3rd of January are one of the busiest days gyms ever have to face, as people want to convince themselves that they will indeed keep true to this resolution but this year, worried that concerns about money will outweigh resolutions to get fit.

Good news comes around. Many gyms decided to cut their prices significantly during the first days of 2009, when people are most prone to going to the gym wishing to start a routine they want to keep throughout the year.

Because of the economic crisis and because most of the gyms want to keep their customers coming, they are having to find different ways to entice new and old members beyond the typical no enrollment fees gimmick such as cutting prices, offer extra service like additional free extra working days and etc. Some of the discounts truly are big discounts as some health clubs are waiving sign up fees while others are waiving sign up fees and even waiving the fees for the first couple of months for new members. Many health clubs are also engaging in giveaways to new members that sign up during the month of January. Clubs offer gifts from free towels to free gym bags and if a prospective member was in need of what the club is offering as a free gift then it makes the decision for the prospective member that much easier.

Although it can be said that people with real resolve, at least for the beginning of the year, can put aside the cost of a membership if it means they have a chance to get healthy there are still some people that need a little push before they will sign up for the commitment. Gyms are using special deals to shore up business in what has become an increasingly competitive market.

Life Time Fitness is waiving its enrollment fee, which is usually about $130,Triangle YMCA branches are cutting the fee to join in half. It normally ranges from $95 to $250 for a family And O2 Fitness branches are waiving their enrollment fees of up to $149 and offering new members January and February membership free according to reports.

By offering big discounts to first time members it is expected that they will keep their resolution.